Taking It the TestMNL's Way

You should get tested every three months. For every testing you go to, the closer you get to finding who THE ONE is. That’s a joke. Or is it? You know what they say, be responsible and jowable. World AIDS Day is coming soon. Are you still on track and up to date with your testing? If yes, great! You go sis! If not, well, there has been no better time than now. You can remind your friends to do the same while you’re at it.

World AIDS Day may not be as exciting as Halloween or Christmas. However, it is that one celebration where we get to take care of ourselves and support a really awesome advocacy! Guess who’s celebrating with y’all. Scroll down.

This is not like any other challenges that’s going around the internet. This is a pledge and a statement to take care of yourself and stay safe. People are pledging to take HIV testing before or on World AIDS Day including, YouTube sensation Sebastian Castro to Filipino impersonator Vinzon Leojay Booc (Lady Gagita & Katy Perya) to Blued host Aldwin Amolat and to Twitter Alter Influencer Biggie Curvie. Not just that, they are also spreading self-love and being responsible by tagging their friends to do same.

So what is this, you ask? No other than “Taking It” by test MNL. Can you join? Hell yeah, you could!

Get your phone, record yourself pledging to take the test, tag your friends and of course. share it to the internet! Just don’t forget to use hashtag #testMNL and #TakingItPH.

Once you’ve pledged, look for the nearest HIV testing clinics here.

In the Philippines, there are 32 people who gets diagnosed with HIV every day. Those are just people who are taking the test. How about the others? This is your chance to encourage them to take the test for HIV. Tell the world you’re taking it! The more of us joining Taking It, the closer we get to end HIV.

If you’re tested negative, you just have to stay negative, by consistently and correctly using condoms and/or take PrEP. Learn more about how you can stay safe here.

If you’re tested positive, you’d be given a daily treatment that will keep you as healthy as the others. And studies have shown that people living with HIV who are on ART treatment has low or no chance of passing the virus to the others. Learn more about how you can “live positively” here.

So keep calm, pledge and upload, and Take It!