5 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your Virginity

By Watson Vergara

You never forget your first. Cliché, yes, but that doesn’t make it less true. Whether you already had your first date, first boyfriend, first kiss, first shawarma rice meal (LIFE CHANGING!), you all came here for one reason: To prepare and get yourself educated for when you have sex for the first time. And there’s no shame in that, actually, good for you! Give yourself a tap on the shoulder for reading this article.

Without further ado, here are 5 things you should know before you lose your virginity.

1. You need to be comfortable with the one you’re doing it with.
One of the very vital things to do when you practice penetrative sex is to relax, so it won’t hurt. It’s not rocket science; how can you relax if you are not comfortable with the guy you are with? I’m not saying you should date three times before doing it or get married before doing it. But take a few minutes to know the guy a bit, or do something else before having sex. You never know, maybe he’s a Potterhead, so plus points, right?!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too much for hook ups. One of the easiest ways to be comfortable with the guy you are with is to tell him to be gentle; tell him it’s your first time. And you have to have a mutual agreement that when you say stop or it starts to hurt a lot, STOP. Or maybe just take a pause to do other stuff.

2. Penetration isn’t everything.
Sex isn’t just about a a dick penetrating a hole. That’s just hella wrong. Maybe it all comes down to penetration, but it is NOT everything. As long as it feels good, you are aroused, and you finish, it’s sex.

According to LoveYourself’s Triangle of Self-Care, everyone can have safe and satisfying sex. There are A LOT of other sex techniques you could do during your first sexual intercourse. You don’t have to go right up to fucking. Try mutual masturbation, dry humping, fingering, frottage, hell, some people can finish just by making out and feeling each other up. These can be both safe and satisfying.

3. Be Safe!
The most important thing of all: Use condoms and lube. Make sure they’re not broken like me. Make sure you use them properly. Look up how to properly use protection. But you should not be ashamed for being safe and taking care of yourself.

You know what HIV does to your body. You know STDs are out there. You know there’s overpopulation today. So, please, be safe! Also, have fun!

4. You need to prepare.
You know you need to. Actually, just by reading this, you are already preparing for it! So high-5! Preparation includes buying the things you need, cleaning yourself, and of course, making sure if you really want to do it now with this person.

You never forget your first time, remember? So make sure it’s unforgettable because it’s successful, not because it makes you cringe. So prep up!

5. After doing all those things, it’s not yet the end.
By it’s not yet the end, I mean it’s not yet the end of taking care of yourself. After sex is the real challenge.

Just to be sure, for extra precaution, get tested. Nothing bad ever comes out from making sure and being safe. For this, TestMNL can help you with everything you need about HIV testing.

One last note: Put yourself first. If you are uncomfortable or you’re in a lot of pain, and the one you’re doing it with is having the time of his life, don’t be shy to tell him what you feel. Don’t push yourself into giving pleasure. Make sure you are both enjoying it, so you would look forward to your next time!

I hope this will help you have a successful first time! Though success means differently for everyone, all I wish for you is to feel good about what happens. Good luck! ❤️

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