WTF is TestMNL?

WTF is TestMNL?

By Watson Vergara


Okay, I think I got your attention. Now, let’s talk about something important: You. Or more specifically, your sexual health. Now whether you’re single or not, have a regular FuBu, or there’s a different guy every night (you go, Glen Coco!), everybody has to take care of themselves. So you can fuck some more.

Now, we all know the basics: use condoms to prevent the infection of HIV and get regularly tested for HIV. Detection of HIV means early treatment to prevent opportunistic infections from occurring or getting worse.

Though, I still have one more question in mind.

As the risk of HIV infections gets higher every day, to the point where it is now an epidemic, how come there are still a lot of people who do not know their status? And that’s just sad.

People have reasons they still haven’t gotten tested. Now, we’re going to try to change that.

APCOM partnered with LoveYourself Inc. to present TestMNL — an online HIV awareness campaign that is community-led and engaging to young MSM.

Before we truly begin, I just want to clarify that this campaign will not scare the bejesus out of you telling you that HIV is scary and that sex is a very, very bad thing. HELL NO! This is a very sex-positive campaign, and it will never tell you to abstain from sex. Instead, it will tell you how to do it properly, while providing you information on how to further take care of yourself.

Now, what is TestMNL?
TestMNL is the implementation of the very successful online campaign from Bangkok, TestBKK in Metro Manila. This website is  full of information about HIV, AIDS, testing, PrEP, healthy sex life, and everything in between.

Here, you will find out what happens during testing, where to get tested (wherever you may be in Metro Manila!), when to get tested, and basic to specific information about HIV and AIDS.

Basically, the site is your one-stop shop for everything HIV, sex, and of course, safety.
Why MNL?
According to the HIV/AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines, as of November 2016, the total reported case of people who tested positive for HIV in Metro Manila is 40%!

Can you imagine?! Of all the people who tested positive in HIV, note, in the entire country, 41% of those people are in Metro Manila!!! Though the number of exclamation points in that sentence is alarming, thou shall not panic. But you should be alarmed.

That is the sole purpose of TestMNL, to move past HIV awareness. Now that you know what HIV is and what is does to our body, it is time to take some action - get tested. In this campaign, we will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s not that complicated. All you literally need to do is in our slogan; Suck. F*#k. Test. Repeat.

Why the young MSM?
By youth, we mean people aged 15 to 24 years old. Year after year, more and more ’youngsters’ are getting into sexual activities. HIV positive cases among the youth increased from 25% in 2006 to 2010, to 28% in 2011 to 2016. However, instead of telling them, “No! You’re still young, not yet. It’s dangerous,” we can just show them how to be safe while engaging in sexual activities.

TestMNL is as bold, fearless, and upfront as campaigns about HIV goes. Because why should sex or just talking about sex be a taboo? Everyone does it; why not get yourself educated about it, especially if it’s your health and well-being that’s involved?

Help spread the word about the campaign, so soon enough, no one has to be scared of having sex with the fear of getting sick or not knowing what to do. Simply put: Fuck Fearlessly.